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First, I want to say, please stick with what your nutritionist suggested for a while (like, multiple months). For your weight, that is a reasonable starting point.

People pick their target calories a lot of different ways. It depends on how much they weigh when they start, how fast they intend on losing the weight, how much they know about nutrition, and how much hearsay/BS they believe from reading about weight-loss on the web.

The best way (other than a professional dietician) is probably to use one of the online tools suck as caloriesperhour, dailyplate, fitday, or the sparkpeople program (these can all be googled for url's). These websites take into account your current weight, fitness level, and some sort of weight loss goal, usually between 0.5-2 lbs a week.

The calorie range of 1400-1600 is moderate to low. People that are closer to goal (maybe within 20lb of the healthy range as an estimate), or less active at higher weights (maybe up to 200) would find this a decent range

The calorie level of 1200 (or under) is, too me, dangerous to many of the folk's to try it because it is verylittle food. For someone who is within the normal weight range and losing primarily by diet rather than diet and exercise, fine. For anyone above the normal weight range, and ESPECIALLY anyone in the obese category, I say this is NOT ENOUGH.

Please don't let yourself be influenced by this diet forum more than your nutritionist. It is true that not all nutritionists are the best, but really, they are the professionals, and we are a bunch of overweight women (and some men) who did it wrong in the first place and are learning. If what your nutritionist tells you feels wrong, question it, but not until it feels wrong.
I'm on the "Eat-as-much-as-possible-while-still-losing-weight" diet. It's working.

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