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Originally Posted by babs181 View Post
so my doctor's verdict is my rash is contact dermatitis. Some how, some way, I got poison ivy in March in PA. He did say oils can last for over a year, and I think that's what happens, have medicine to make it go away quicker. At least he really doesn't think the soy protein is causing this so I can keep having all the IP products I like. Oh well, hope this goes away. I went to red lobster with a friend tonight, as am so proud of myself, no bread, no sauce on my shrimp, broccoli and a salad, I'm a little concerned the broccoli might have had some butter, but not too too concerned as it was only a hint, so I'm happy, weigh in Friday, let's see what happens.
That is great news! I am so happy it was not anything serious. Great display of willpower at Red Lobster.

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