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Good morning again! Much more chipper now...

Heidi - did you do measurements too? A lot of times, I didn't lose much weight, but was really losing the inches. I remember seeing myself in the mirror at my lowest weight, and couldn't believe that was me!

Cottage - sounds like a lovely day! I hope you enjoy!

MMCK - great on the son and the boss, sorry to hear about the sitter. Is she open enough to discuss it with you?

Mary Jane - welcome back!

Debbie - saw your pictures. SO JEALOUS!!!

Chelby - good luck today, keep us posted!!

Tammie - have a great day. Glad you were able to shoo the bird out!

OK, OK, I admit it...I feel much better about the run now!!! It was a great run. Not sure if it's because I watched my stride more (they say you short stride, so it takes more work...I believe it!), or if it's because I watched Harrison Ford .

It got me thinking...I've been enjoying the running more with the weather, and I've kept toying with the idea of a half marathon. I've only worked up to 5 miles this year, but I could do 13, right?!? There's a couple of them that might work, I'll keep you posted!

Have a great one!

PS - I think the staff hates me with my diet and exercise in the morning....WAY TOO chipper!!

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