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Jordanna - I love your new bike! You will have a great time I am sure. What a nice reward for yourself!

ShellyLou - Welcome to the forum! Great loss so far, you are halfway there. What a nice feeling that is!

Rachelle23 - Are you drinking enough water? Try drinking an 8 oz glass when you feel hungry and see if it goes away. You might want to try some hot tea too. I eat 4 proteins a day if I am really feeling hungry. I am not losing 5 pounds a week but still losing every week. Hang in there and maybe we can help you along the way. Welcome to the forum!

Carlashera - You are doing terrific, I bet you post a great number on you weigh in! You are a very pretty girl and losing weight it going to make you feel so good about yourself.

Steelgal - Welcome Julie! You are doing great for 3 weeks. Hang in there and the next 3 weeks will fly by.

Livybugg Ladies - Welcome Faith and Beth! This is a great forum and so many new people keep the rest of us excited and motivated. Good luck on your weigh in's tomorrow. Tuesday's are my weigh in day too! It is nice to have a close friend for support during this diet too, you can help keep each other on track.

Scott - Great Job! It is nice to see you keep coming back to chat with us! You have done terrific!

Ok, so I have probably forgot someone but everyone is doing so well and it is nice to have so many posts to read. I look forward to reading from this site everyday!

Have a nice evening!

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