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carlashera - good luck! It's a lucky St. Patty's day today for your weigh-in! It's time to relax, not stress. The scale will say what it will say. You have followed the plan and done great! I think you've done a LOT of work (not physical but mental) this week. It's really something to prepare all these veggies all the time, cook the right thing, take the shaker and packets to work, drink water, take the vitamins, eat the sea salt and olive oil every day, etc. I'm happy your suit coat fits again! We have the same weigh-in day so I'm with you with the bit of anxiety. I try to relax though. Deep breathing and going to the bathroom directly before hopping on the scale are my ways to prepare.

babs181 - you re-discovered your museum wardrobe! I realized I have a ton of trousers and jeans that are hanging out under things and on shelves that I should try on. This morning I just rediscovered my once favorite jean skirt- I tried it on. It was too big and the green stripy thigh-high socks I wanted to wear weren't professional enough. I'm saving that outfit for this casual Friday. I may have to get my favorite old clothing altered. I can't believe it!

I am hesitant to get rid of work trousers that are too big - maybe I can wear them when I get pregnant? That's a paradigm I know nothing about.

yinyang - very good point about the mental aspect of dieting. That makes me feel stronger inside! Thank you!

So everyone -- what does the Walden Farms Peanut butter and jelly taste like? I want to try it, but I want to take a quick poll- who likes it? Who doesn't? I don't mind the texture (read that the jelly isn't very gelatinous and it's runny). Does the WF PB really taste like peanut butter?

The caramel and chocolate WF dip sound intriguing too. kate87 - let us know how it is when you get it!
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