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Thanks Cinnamon Sparkles!

You're so nice and WOWWY look at those stats!! I'm glad you found some of my writing funny- I'm actually starting to write a book about my life- yes its been that crazy- Hollywood's got nothing on me!
It's good to hear that someone else has suffered with feeling like UBER CRAP on this- and it took until week 3 to feel better. I started saying- "well I was always exhausted anyways before- so I might as well feel like $#@& and be losing weight..." ha, but I was kind of looking forward to having more energy. So now I will be looking forward to week 3! And I know exactly what youre talking about when you say you have motivation because you never want to feell like that again- I used to be on copious amounts of pain meds for my migraines(specialists didn't know what else to do eventually) and I finally came off when I got seratonin toxicity and it was the WORST 3 MONTHES OF MY LIFE, and i make sure now that i never get back to that point- so I never ever ever have to feel that way again- I'll extrapolate that situation into this one. I'm really determined to not have any cheats or slip-ups either- maybe I'm setting the bar too high but I think its important to have goals and to start strong, or I'd be done already. You get somewhere alot faster taking the freeway then going down a busy road with stop lights- so if my body has to keep stopping and going I think it will take longer, dontcha think? I sometimes have a cup of coffee- not decaf- i wasn't informed that was important. i think i had one or two this wweek with a teaspoon of splenda. can i not have any caffeine at all? really? And it is SOOOO funny you mentioned Athena- the Goddess of War- I've had 4 or 5 people relate me to her before- very amusing indeed. I can see why youre a fav on here! Thanks so much, it was very encouraging! Oh and by the way, for some reason- my weight flucuated and I went UP a pound today I WAS SO PIST - but i ended up with 9 pounds lost and 9 inches lost. not a bad start. I hope i have a good second week!!
MuayThai Goddess -
See I knew you were Athena! LOL! You lost 9 pounds your first week! OMG that's more than 1 pound a day!!!!! Congratulate yourself.
You are doing great!

It's so cool that you are concentrating on being the best mommy you can be for your little one. (I'm not a mom - yet). That seems like the best job in the world, and losing the weight is part of it (so you can be the healthiest you that you can be!). You're right, you can take the patience you have with your son and translate it into this diet/way of eating. Don't be too hard on yourself, you are really doing fabulous. I was wondering what was wrong with me the first week- my coach said, oh you'll fell better in week 2. I think it's harder on women than men - my hormones are to blame! I was still cranky and crabby- luckily my boyfriend is so sweet and we're still together (heehee). Week 2 was markedly better than week 1 though. In week 3 I seemed to have evened out, gained more energy, and generally felt way better. Yesterday I was bouncing and hopping in the parking lot to get into work. I think carrying around less weight automatically helps you have more energy!

You can have caffeine. 1 cup of 8 ounce coffee per day with 1 ounce of skim milk in it. I didn't mean to imply you can't. Ack! Silly me. We are just limited to only 1 cup of caffeinated coffee per day.

I enjoy that 1 cup of caffeinated coffee immensly in the morning. Yum! But sometimes I need a little more than water or herbal tea during the day, so I drink some decaf coffee. I asked about the decaf before I started drinking it- my coach says it's fine. His only warning was that it is a diuretic so it makes you "go".

I was going to suggest you become a writer or write a book! How cool that you have already started your book. Woohooo!

Congrats to everyone else on their scale and NSVs too! I'm still catching up on posts- wow you all are really rocking! I love your energy and excitement.

May the luck O' the Irish be with all of you today and every day!
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