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S/C/G: 225/175/140

Height: 5'6


First name: Jamie

geographical location: Saskatoon,sk

age: 23 going on 24 this year

marital status: mid as well be been together going on 6 years, Jared

children: none yet, we want to have kids in about 3 years

occupation: it support

pets: dog- Loki he's an Akita

hobbies/interests: photography, crochet, quilting, comedians, animals.

height: 5'6

eye/hair color: blue/green and dark brown

starting weight loss journey: last year I made a feeble attempt, but this year I've been more focused

starting weight loss:225 (last nov 09)

current weight:212

goal weight: 135-140

biggest hurdle to overcome in weight loss: consistency, working out, meal planning, not eating out as much er finding something healthy on the menu. Also getting support, my dh does support me but sometimes i need a bit more. I need to talk about it alot, sometimes i just need someone to do it with me.

Following any specific plan?: trying to follow LA weight loss, working harder at that...Cutting out sugars besides Fruits and what not, no junk food. Just trying to avoid bad food in general. Working out more trying 3-4 times a week on my elliptical and trying to walk the dog more.

what makes this time different than your weight loss efforts in the past?: I never really tried before.. This time im actually trying, trying to set real goals.. also wanting to be at my goal weight by next Jan/Feb.
anything else you would like to share?:

Carrot for every 10 pounds lost~~~

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