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I don't know if I agree with that 100%. I do think that in Hollywood it is more acceptable to need rehab than a diet coach because it is all about looks. And I get that the media feeds society all this crap. But in real life there is no way I or anyone I know would look down on someone who is fat compared to an addict or alcaholic.

Addiction is something thought of as selfish, evil, dirty, wrond. Being fat is more like, oh that's too bad. And I think it's because being fat is becomming the norm. You will loose your job and your kids for being addicted to drugs. If your fat you are just like 1/3 of the othert ppl you know.
I supose every community is different. Like the norm ansdstigmatisims are different in Nova Scotia, Canada than they are in say California, USA. Or at least I would think so.

I've rambled enough i think.
"They laugh because I am different...I laugh because they are all the same", unknown]
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