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Originally Posted by Wyo Sky View Post
Am buying more IP packets tomorrow..

Does anybody out there like the lemon or banana puddings? I've not tried them yet. Are they good straight out of the packet or do you ever add anything to them to "help" the taste?

Also, how is that berry yogurt drink?

Thanks for your tips!
The only pudding I've tried is the chocolate and I do not enjoy it at all. The texture and taste just don't work for me.

But the yogurt drink I really like, especially with very cold water. One of my favorites.

Originally Posted by ckanable View Post
Are we allowed cooked onions? I got the impression that we weren't allowed to have them and I am having a hard time living without!
I had the same concern about the onions. Though I'm not supposed to, I do saute my onions with my other vegetables. I'm careful not to caramelize them, just take some of the "bite" out of them. I've been doing this since day1 and doubt very seriously that it's affecting my weight loss.

Originally Posted by jordanna View Post
Well I just booked & paid for a 17 day cruise for April 2011. We're also going to spend a week in Florida before we head out on the cruise...that means I have just over a year to be at my goal weight, because there's no way I'm cruising as a fat kid
Congrats. There's some built-in motivation.

Originally Posted by joeybeth View Post
i've just started IP (i'm on day 5). i'm not taking the vitamins like i'm supposed to because i don't do well with large vitamins. do i need to take them? i also have not purchased sea salt. what's the purpose of the sea salt?

i'm finding myself growing tired of so many vegetables already, but think i could enjoy them with the proper recipes for good dressings and stuff to saute in or spice them up with. (i bought several waldenfarms dressings and wish i'd saved my money. ick.)

i like the chocolate drink (although i can't figure out why it clumps sometimes when i'm only heating it for less than 40 seconds??) and the bars. the bars are good. i don't like the omelette mix much, mostly due to the texture of it.

the good news is that i can already tell i've lost some weight by the feel of my clothing and the difference in my facial features. my kids have noticed too.

any suggestions, tips, etc for a newbie?

thanks so much! joey
Here's my tips:
  • Find ways to eat your vegetables without just eating vegetables. I chop up a cup of veggies and have it in my omelet for breakfast. Chop up a cup of veggies and mix it into the chicken soup.
  • It may be too soon to try Walden Farms dressings. If this is only your 5th day, then you still remember how good real dressings taste. Give yourself a few weeks on the diet and then try them again. When I started, I didn't eat salads at all since I couldn't have dressing. About three weeks in, I decided to buy the WF dressings so I could have salad. I was quite surprised at how edible they are. Give your taste buds some time to adjust.
  • Take the supplements. I'm not very good with taking large pills either. When I started IP, I had to work each supplement down individually. Now I can just throw them all in there at once and swallow them with one gulp of water.

Just hang in there and keep going. It all gets easier.

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