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Oh, Virgo, and as far as the proteins..

I have been eating chicken chicken chicken chicken..... getting sick of it actually.

I spray a few sprays of I Can't Believe It's Not Butter on my chicken and then put some sort of Mrs. Dash on it. I usually eat my chicken in a Smart and Delicious wheat tortilla (1 starch serving) and I have made my own pico de gallo and put that it with it. Sometimes I make chicken salad with chopped up chicken, celery, and lite mayo and then wrap that in one of the tortillas.

Tonight, I had ahi tuna and I mixed some wasabi in with some lite mayo and dipped my ahi tuna in that. It was pretty good.

Please do tell me how you have been eating your protein....I am running out of ideas and I am only on week 2...... :-)
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