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PS.(we act like clowns here - but dress like ??clowns anyway)
LOL LOL LOL you kill me!!!!! I loved that!!!! Are you sure you don't work in the same place than I.... LOL


TPBM is happy in having 3FC to play games online during work hours...
"Happy or sad, rich or poor, it's still better being thin!
Even if you want to be miserable today, it's better to be thin and miserable than fat and miserable.
Anyway you look at it, thin comes out ahead!"

from The Thin Commandments Diet book

March/08 142 * Aug/09 129 * Sept/09 123
Oct/09 121 * Nov/09 120 * Jan/10 - 132!!!
Just came from a vacation... Now I have to undo the damage
Feb/10 130 * March/10 125 * October/10 127

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