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Originally Posted by babs181 View Post
So today will be the first real test to avoid cheating, our boss's daughter comes to the office after work, cute little 8-year-old on a regular basis, actually helps around the office a lot. Yesterday was her birthday, so we are celebrating with a cake for her. I don't eat many sweets, but can never resist birthday cake when it is for an actual birthday, not just cause. I resisted pizza the other night because my boyfriend got olives and pepperoni, neither of which I like. Cake I like so this will be tough. Just need to tell myself that it is not my dad's homemade icing, it is store bought, and nowhere near as good. Will keep everyone posted!!!
Store bought cake and icing are full of chemicals and they taste awful. Save your "slip" for something more worthwhile.

Eat one of your IP snacks or some protein (cheese, nuts) before the cake event.

Another tip is not to look directly at the cake and don't spend any time near it or talking about it. Ignore it like you would an enemy (which it is.)

Also, drink some extra water.

Come back and report your NSV (non-scale victory.)
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