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I got mine for xmas and while I still have to learn to remember to put it on, I'm liking it when I do.

I keep it in my pocket. It is small -- about the size of my thumb.

It has a place for food logging on the website, so you get that as well as the activity log and sleep logs.

I also use FitDay, and it seems as accurate if not slightly more accurate than Fit Day at estimating food log/activitiy log stuff.

I do not have another way to check on sleep, but I am going to guess that it is fairly accurate for sleep based on its being accurate for food/fitness estimates.

It does not work with a heart rate monitor like Sport Brain... but again it seems among the most accurate of the estimates.

For me, it was a nice complement to the HRM I already had/have.

I like the USB dock and the automatic upload any time I am near the dock. I like the size and discretion. There's no beeps, noises, or bulk to it. It can hold up to 7 days info but with the automatic uploading, that's not a problem for me since I'm at the laptop daily. It needs to be docked to charge the battery, but I'm not having any problems with that. The wristband to wear it to sleep could use another two seams in it to keep the fitbit from slipping around inside it, so I'll probably sew it myself when I get a chance. But that's not a deal breaker or anything.


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