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Originally Posted by QuilterInVA View Post
Any company that gives health insurance to its employes is penalized by higher premiums for obese employees.
Can you please explain this to me? Do you get asked how much you weigh when you are hired anywhere? Here, in Canada, that would be a question that the employer is not allowed to ask so that you cannot be discriminated against based on personal stuff. I am not sure if weight would be part of it but I would think so. Of course, the employers are not stupid and although they cannot ask you, say, "How many children do you have?" or "Do you have children?", they 'repackage' the question into a more politically correct form and ask instead, for example, "Would travelling on the job cause problems with family obligations?' or something similar.
I know obesity is hard to hide but there must be some charts or other data by which one would get classified, it can't be on looks only.
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