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Originally Posted by mandalinn82 View Post
Tonight I am having:
1 lb ground turkey breast, combined with 1 onion, grated, 1 clove garlic, finely minced, 1 carrot, grated, 1 zucchini, grated, 2 tbsp ketchup, 1 tsp soy sauce, 1/2 tsp black pepper. Mix to combine, then divide into 8 equal portions and place each portion in one cup of a spam-sprayed muffin tin. Brush the tops of each with remaining 2 tbsp of ketchup and bake at 375 for 30 minutes, or until cooked through. (175 calories for 2 muffin-sized meatloaves).

1 cup red potato in wedges, tossed with 1 tsp olive oil and herbs and baked at 375 for 50 min or so, until browned (160 calories)

1 cup asparagus, tossed with 1 tsp of olive oil and roasted at 375 for 20 min, then tossed with a mix of one finely minced clove garlic, 2 tbsp chopped parsley, pepper, salt, and the zest of one lemon. (45 calories)
This sounds VERY yummy! I plan on making it for dinner next week! Thanks!
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