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Thumbs up Monday-day off

Morning Coaches

I've had breakfast and I think I may tackle the clutter in the living room corner for about an hour. I think if I approach my clutter with time limits maybe I can manage to get stuff done. Seeing my non-progress in February reminds me that I can go on like this ad infinitum, which is how I got into this, literal, mess.

I have had an OP breakfast and intend to be OP all day long.

Shepherdess Have you seen this picture? Talking about sheep dogs always brings it to mind. That I managed to find the orginal story to accompany the photo is just a bonus! Interesting info about the shepherd's crook, especially the little flared out part for catching their springy little limbs! So practical. How long have you tended flocks? Seems your DH was born to it, were you?

hikergirl Were you in that crowd on Robson Street that CTV kept showing on my tv? Did you stand and cheer when Crosby sunk the puck? Here in Ottawa, upstairs in my bedroom with the window open, I heard cars honking horns in every direction when the goal was scored. Local news said the good citizens of Ottawa flowed onto Elgin Street and up to Parliament Hill to sing O Canada around the eternal flame. If we were still living downtown we would have been there too.

Beverlyjoy BiG CREDIT for staying on plan while away and arriving home to fearlessly, even slightly eagerly (!), face the scale. That's Beck in action for sure. I am always glad to hear that there is greenery somewhere in the world when we are still covered with snow. Though there are signs of hope: my cement porch in the back can now be seen where the snow has melted from the side of the house. And my lack of fall yard clean up is starting to show through. Yikes. Oh Well.

ChinaMaine Kudos for the many and continuing Beck strategies in your life. Sorry for the work stress but so glad it stays confined to your work life and doesn't follow you into your home! Yay for that. I hope it all eases up soon.

seadwaters CREDIT for all your Beck strategies as well. So neat to know you are inthe sweltering late summer heat of Australia. When are summer holidays there as in when does school let out and go back for the kids? When do most people travel? A question about the type of vinegar used on french fries aka chips: malt vinegar or regular white? What's more common? Also, do Aussies call potato chips "chips" or the British "crisps" or do the British call them "crisps"? We, Canadians, call them chips.

BillBlueEyes Credit for your walk to the store and for resisting the extra bottle of EVOO because it was a "good deal". Excellent practice for FREE FOOD when it next darkens your doorstep. Credit also for your sportsmanship in extending congratulations to the Canadian Men's Hockey Team. It was a squeaker. I would not want to be Ryan Miller. In every replay of that winning goal there he is letting it in. I suppose it has to be someone but gee. That would be tough. A big to him.

Have a good OP day everyone.
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