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Just thought I'd share. On a website called (which relates to dieting, fitness, etc.) I found this:

2. Avoid Too Much Protein
Some diets, like the Atkins diet, recommend high amounts of protein and low amounts of carbs. These diets can be good for some people as long as they are eating high quality protein and stick to healthy carbs like whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Totally eliminating carbohydrates from the diet is not a good idea, because high levels of protein strain the kidneys, and you lose the essential nutrients that only plant foods and grains can provide.

But then I found another section that sounded much more accurate about the actual Atkins diet...until I got to this:

4. Make Simpler Atkins Food Choices
Due to the popularity of the Atkins diet, prepared snacks, beverages and entrees with the Atkins stamp of approval can be purchased. Use the snack bars and shakes as meal replacements or eat them while on the go. You don't need to worry about the nutritional values of these products since they follow the diet plan's recommendations. All of the Atkins Advantage food products contain plenty of fiber and protein while keeping the sugar and carb count extremely low.

Hehe....I just KNOW that Kim is gonna love this particular one.

There is also this very bizarre section on the site where you can post recipes...I think it's connected to the "food diaries" section. So I was reading the various recipes people had posted (I love recipes in general)....and it was really funny. Some of them were tallied at something like 44,000 calories and others, that were clearly very high-calorie, were tallied at around 170 calories. I couldn't figure out how they tallied them...and then when I checked the recipes closely, there were multiple problems with them...including how the specific amounts of the ingredients came out and how they were listed....for instance, there were things like "22 cups of milk" or "4 servings of eggs" or "3 tsp. of vanilla cake", etc. Not sure if decimal points were in the wrong place and/or if some of the listed ingredients had been partially cut off/left off or what in the heck was going on. Really baffled me. Maybe it makes more sense if you actually register there.


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