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Default Store NSV

Today I went into town to run some errands. I very rarely go to town because it's difficult to park and most of the things I need I can get at the supermarket, but I had a list of a few things and needed to get my glasses checked at the opticians so today was the day.
I didn't realise til I was stood in one of the shops that I suddenly felt weird. It was then it hit me that this was one of the main stores I used to go to to buy my binge food before I began this journey last summer. I used to go to town once a fortnight and go to three or four stores and stock up on binge food, then take it home and hide it for my daily binges when I was home alone....
When I had this realisation today it was like all of a sudden I was stood looking at this other person (the old me) and thinking, why did I do that to myself for so long? I looked at the shelves with all the junk on them and although I was tempted to get a couple of small treats, looking down at myself with my smaller jeans and flattering top on, I realised I really didn't want them.
I think I've come a long way...
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