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I hear ya, but c'mon! You did contribute, you brought a healthy snack, pop and chips. That's great!! If they chose not to eat it, that's their choice, not yours. It's not like you only brought enough of the healthy snack for yourself - you had enough for the group. Going to parties like these put us in very difficult situations, I think you did a GREAT job planning for food so you wouldn't derail!!!

I have a lot of these kinds of get-togethers with my friends and always stress over what to make. I want to make sure there are things for the kids, the women and the men - because they all eat different things! LOL! Kids like the sweets and things they can grab and go so as not to miss the games they are playing with thier friends. I make little corn on the cob ears, turkey hot dogs sliced up (no bun that way) to dip in ketchup, cheese cubes, tortilla chips with mild salsa and enough for one cookie per child. Men seem to like different ways to eat meat, so I overlap a bit with the kids and also make chili (with lean stew meat instead of ground beef) and leave the toppings as extras, turkey meatballs, and baked chicken wings tossed in sauce. The women seem to gather around the food table and talk and want healthier things, so I make a veggie tray, fruit salad (just chopped fruit), pasta salad (whole grain pasta, olive oil and chopped veggies), fruit salsas, and grilled chicken tenders with wing sauces to dip in. A lot of my friends will bring some of these things to - it ends up being kind of a potluck, but these are the things that seem to grace the table the most often. Yeah, there's always some of the guys that bring chips and sour cream based dips, but that's easy to resist when there are other foods there I do like.

If I am going to a party where I know there is going to be a lot of junk, sometimes I do a Scarlet O'Hara and "pre-eat." I simply eat before I go and don't plan on eating anything there. It's much easier to avoid junk when I am not hungry. I have put food on my plate to please others and simply thrown it away when they were no longer looking. I know that's a bit indirect, but some people can be really pushy.

Again, I think you did a PERFECT job on balancing bringing food for others and keeping something healthy there that you like.

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