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I'm in Arkansas. We have hardly anything going on for bad weather, just a couple inches of snow/ice/slush stuff. It still has things closed down though. It has not bothered my food intake. I looked at my written food plan and ate that with very little variance. I changed the type of veggie for a meal yesterday and today for lunch I had my kippers mixed with my veggies and some cornbread on the side instead of a kipper sandwich and veggies. No big deal. The problem I am having with this weather is that I am not used to it. I'm from Florida (no snow, but things do shut down for hurricanes sometimes) and lived in England before coming here (2 inches or less would not shut the place down). I had no plan in place for what to do for exercise in case the gym shut down, which of course it has. So now I'm having a hard time thinking of substitutes that I'd like to do since all my DVDs are just light workouts to me now and I want more than light. Not being all that used to cold weather and having lost a lot of my insulation recently I am not sure I can go out and jog on the roads, so I am at a loss.

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