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Originally Posted by committed1 View Post
Wow are rockin on this board Lots of excellent tips! My coach/sponspor/dr (we call them by different names...mine all happens to be the same person...just not sure what to call him) sounds very similar to yours. Stay strict all the time. THis is the key to weight loss. He won't sell me any of the occasional or restricted items until I have been on the program 1 month with success and even then I was told to use them with caution. I am guessing I probably won't bother if what I am doing is working.

--I think you also asked about boxes are $30/piece, 7 packets to a box. I don't know how much the vitamins are per bottle.

I know lots of people are buying the Lindora products and enjoying them. I hope they work. I have to admit I am a little skeptical about it. I know you researched it and it appears you are making informed decisions. It will be interesting to see if you see a difference (either way) in your weight loss goals. I personally worry because even though the label may appear the same, I don't know that the products are actually comparable. The drastic difference in price seems strange to be the exact same product.
Keep us informed and let us know what you find!

I feel too new at the program to change anything myself.

Tired the omlete today...awesome. I put some sauteed green peppers, mushrooms and celery in it, THEN put it on a bed of lettuce with a drizzle of Bacon Ranch WF dressing (sea salt and pepper)....soooooo tasty!!!!

Anyone just not hungry to eat? I haven't missed any meals, but the last few days I just don't care about eating and am just eating because it is time. Seems strange for a "fat girl". Haha.
Interesting! My coach is just that. My Dr is different. I am definately sticking with the IP products only until I research it more. I am asking our business development manager if he has any side by side chemical comparisons of these alternate products and IP. I don't believe they are "identical" they may have the same nutritional components but so do zuchinni and broccoli as far as what they do and the hidden things they are still different. I don't want to lose out on some hidden item or proprietary thing that is not required to be noted by the FDA to save a couple dollars.. it isn't my concern.. Please note I am in no way telling others what to do or judging them if they need or choose to do differently than me. I LOVE freedom of choice. Thank you for the pricing info! Mine are about the same. I pay 28 a box and 4 per packet. Your ranch salad sounds great!! I am just sitting down for a snack and making the broccoli cauli bake with IP chicken soup that was suggested!

If you are no longer hungry you have gone into what my coach calls the "pocket" it means you are entering a steady state of ketosis so, the hunger goes and the cravings get really mild if at all! YEAH, you did it!! Just don't cheat now and that state continues. I actually had to start using an alarm to remind myself to eat! LOL
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