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Thanks, YouWho! I had lost some before I started PFFS; I've probably lost about 75-80 pounds on this program. And yes, two years is a long time! It's mostly testament to my own lackluster cooking. Their stuff is generally better than what I would fix for myself, with more variety, too.

You're doing great, yourself!

I agree with you about the good carbs; that's a big reason I like their program. Diabetes is huge in my family and my own blood sugar levels were starting to climb a bit, so glycemic index is important to me. I also like the healthy fats they use, and the lack of preservatives.

Even when I get down to where I want to be, I'm still hoping I can afford to stay on a home delivery plan 5 days a week or so. I think having that built-in portion control will really help me maintain.
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