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Visualizing the Goal
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Debbie, sorry about your Monday being yucky. Good attitude, though, getting back together and on plan again! I always find it easier to stick to my guns when I have a menu pre-written.

Heidi, I hope you enjoyed your extra hour off this morning! That's a nice treat!

Cyndi, isn't it the truth that relosing weight always is harder? It's stupid. Hope your PT goes better than expected and that the conference call isn't as awful as usual!

Mmckellen, what shore will you visit this summer? I love the shore! We always spent summers at Cape May in New Jersey.

Ruth, what type of script will be read tonight? Will it be the author reading or actors or neither?

Linda, hope the girls are super duper when you get to Cindy's today! Sick kids are just too sad.

FO, you must've really needed that sleep if you slept so long! Hope you're feeling OK!

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