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I de-christmased the house today, just got to the stage where I had to get back to some semblance of normality. I watched Billy Elliot last night, hadn't seen it before and cried most of the way through.

Been at my SIL's today, she is due her second baby on the 11th, we only popped up for a short visit, 6 hours later we sent out for pizza. Ended up having to go and pick it up as there was an hour and a half delivery time on it. Didn't do too bad, had half a pizza and some pakora, wedges, dip, chicken nuggets, etc. Besides all that though, have only had my frosties this morning. So have not done to bad on my first, back on program day.

Tomorrow will be better, I will manage to count points for the whole day. Am going to count my points for the whole week again starting at 6pm Friday night. It worked last time I did it, so I know that if I stick to it again and count everything then it will work again. Will count everything I eat over the weekend and then divvy up the remaining points for the rest of the week.

Tomorrow I am tidying up 2 cupboards, the coat one in the hall and the one in my room. A lot of clutter will be ready to go into the loft by the time Ray comes back from work. he will not part with his beloved Land rover magazines, even though they have not been read since we moved into this house 8.5 years ago. Men !!!

re-started WW on 10th Aug - 16 stone 9.5lbs

joined Veggies winter solstice challenge to reach 14 stone (196lbs)

week1 -3lbs
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