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I can't stop eating. I'm trying today to be back on track, especially after all the cheese balls I ate yesterday. Ever since the wedding, I haven't been paying attention to food (well, except for eating all I see). I had something to look forward to before. Now, I guess I keep telling myself I owe it to myself to eat what I want for a while. But I'm starting to feel ill.

So next week, back to the gym! I'd go before, but I'm leaving this evening to drive across the state for my interview tomorrow, and then I'll be at DH's mom's the rest of the weekend.

I'm also trying to quit smoking. I had only two cigarettes yesterday and now I don't even have a pack I can cheat from. I really would love to get PG in the next 6 months or so and I've got to get myself more healthy. I just wish DH would quit but he doesn't seem interested. If we have a baby, it's non-negotiable. He's quitting.

So here I am not eating, not smoking and I'm PMSing. I'm in a great mood, as you can imagine! I hope everyone else is having a better day!
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