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Morning ladies. I know I haven't posted in a while, I just needed time to get my head together. But here I am as together as think I can be. I'm going to start back to WW next Monday. I had to quit for the PG thing, and it's kind of amazing how fast the weight seems to have piled on. I haven't stepped on a scale yet, but my pants are all cutting into my waist when they used to be pretty big in the waist. I am also just generally feeling like my body is revolting, so that's great motivation.

I just have to tell you girls how sweet my hubby was yesterday. He told me that he wanted to start my New Year off right. So he filled the tub with hot water, poured my lavendar bath oil in, lit a bunch of candles for me, left me a half dozen roses, set up the portable DVD player he got me for Christmas with a DVD, and brought me into the bathroom. It was wonderful!!!! I highly recommend movies in the bathtub!!!

Jess, I am feeling the urge to come open a can of whoop-*** on workboy. Jersey Kier, my partner in crime, are you in? Any thoughts, Jess, on where things are with Aaron? Could there be a future get-back-together with him or is this pretty much going to be a friendship thing?

Lori, sounds like you had a fun New Year. Poor kitty...maybe this will make her more social in the long run, though. We also had a small party, another couple over for dinner and games and lots of talking. Those nights are really fun, aren't they?

Tonya, I'm glad you're finally in your new house. You've worked so hard and waited so long. Now you can just focus on the lifestyle change, right? I gotta agree with you about Jess's workboy...

Hey Ali, glad you're finally getting some good R&R in. I think you should go for it and get certified as an instructor. I know they're always looking for them at my health club. It's a tough program, from what I hear, but well worth it. What a great part time job -- it would make sure you got your workouts in too!

Ok, enough novel from me. Happy New Year, y'all!!!

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