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So, how was everyone's New Years? I know that I'm ready to get back in gear and lose some of this weight. If my math is right, I've put on 8 lbs since November. That really sucks... I was thinking about how much more this means I have to lose until I reach goal. And I think of how close I was to goal before I pigged out during the Holidays... But, heck, there's no sense in regretting it--the damage is done and all I can do is work to repair it. So, right there is some good motivation.

Lori--You asked the other day if Aaron is the one who said all those terrible things. He said some kind of mean things when we were in the process of breaking up, but he was never as mean as Workboy was. Workboy told me that I needed to lose more weight, told me that I was OK, but he thought he could do better, etc...

Well, ladies, that's about all I know. I'll check in later, OK?
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