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Today is the day I get my life back to normal. Normal mealtimes and bedtimes and healthy food - no more junk and definately no more alcohol - for a few days anyway.

Wish the office was open tomorrow and I could go back to work. Hate this long holiday we have in Scotland, after the New Year. Everywhere is still shut today with even the supermarkets on short hours, so we can all drink ourselves stupid again today - WELL NOT ME !!!!!!

Need to attempt to tidy the boys rooms after all they pals were in the other night. Will get a shower first though and some breakfast, at the table, with Steven. No more eating on our laps. Sean is still sleeping, am going to let him lie, he has had far too many late nights. This afternoon though I am going to drag him somewhere where he can use up a bit energy, goodness only knows where in this weather, but I'l find somewhere.

Time to get serious

re-started WW on 10th Aug - 16 stone 9.5lbs

joined Veggies winter solstice challenge to reach 14 stone (196lbs)

week1 -3lbs
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