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Hola Chickaritas!

Well this is my last night on NIGHT SHIFT!! Its been 3 1/2 years since I have been on day shift, so shall be very interesting on Monday!! I will be like, "What is that big shiny thing in the sky???" lmao

The 3rd shift guys bought us a cake saying "Good Luck on Day Shift" and yesterday a guy bought us two mini cheese-cakes! Wow its like are ya tryin' to "fattenin'" us up?? lol. But its appreciated. Also starting Monday my bff and I (who I also work with and is moving to days with me) are going to start our new plan to be healthy! So no pop or junk food -- how am I supposed to survive??!!! lol.

Cristina -- BIG SUPER BIG GIANTIC to you!!! I don't even have any other words to say..........but I'm so so sorry!!!

Jules -- BIG to you as well. I can understand kind of in the same situation with my father-in-law, he went back to the hospital tonight. He just now got into the ER, so no more news yet, but he is very very weak. DH had to help him out of his car because he could not do it himself.


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