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I read the posts from the last thread and can honestly say my brain would not hold all the info since my last post so I am starting fresh....

SuzyQ-cheddar horseradish chips are bbbbaaaadddd. Hawaii sounds great anytime. Teri and Geneva's friend is there with her husband who is the service. SHe invited them over, all they have to pay for is the plane tickets, they are just not sure how a 2 year old Dominic and a 1 year old Mela will take the plane ride across the continental states and then the Pacfic Ocean.

Cristina--so sorry about all your losses, especially your Dad. Actually the first word is usually Dad Dad, Teri and I were nothing for awhile. I was Oooma for awhile but now I am Mimi. Grandkids make your world don't they, Dominic can brighten up my darkest day in an instant.

Franice--don't et too discouraged, stress eating is my baddest habit. I gotta get that pathway in my brain switched to stress exercising as my new habit.

Sue-How is your Mom? I took a vactaion day to go down and work on Mom's house. SHe has way to much stuff for the spaace. I am going to try to put some of the organization tips I have learned on the HGTV channels to use.

Katy--so great about the right direction and the 5K. I never did get the C25k loaded...Teri lost the cheap mp3 player I bought but bought me an Ipod Nano. I am going to go over her house when things get settled down with Mom and download some of the songs she already has on the computer and the c25k program.

I never thought I would say it, but I am so thankful for my Dad. My brother had a really bad day with Mom yesterday and almost broke down. i went down with her after work yesterday so he could get out some and I called my Dad and he called my brother yesterday and went down and spent the afternoon with her today. She's getting so weak we don't want to leave her alone cause she's so stubborn she tries to do too much.

well, I am really tired so I am going to get off of here...

Quick Hi to Kathy who I miss and hugs to Mindee.
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