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Smile I "offically" started today...

Counting calories!! Im feeling really good about it! Ive normally done WW..but I wanted something more simple and thats easy to stick to.

My fiance is doing it with me. It helps SOOOOO much with someone in the same house that doing the same thing as you! When I was craving onion rings last night (darn Sookie Stackhouse!) he reminded me that I didnt need it..and he grabbed some carrots ( which he knows I would steal from him!) and then I was fine. I just need to NOT think about food. I have to think about other cleaning out my room to make room for my new cashmere pillowtop king size bed we are getting on Tuesday!! Yikes...well enough about that lol

So , I wanted to wish ALL of you GOOD LUCK in your journey, whether you are just starting, or getting back on the wagon. You CAN do this!! We all can!
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