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For those who's NEVER too late to sign-up for these threads! You'll be added to the list the next time I post it (every few days), so

Normally, I'd attempt to welcome new people by name, but this challenge has exploded with new and previous participants (more of whom I'm hoping to see..I'm talking to you SANDYE and FSA) which has made that quite a challenge in itself. I love seeing so many on here and hope that doesn't intimidate some into not posting. Just let us know how it's going when time permits. We're here to support each other and learn from those who've experienced things we're going through and all that jazz.

SG-I'm glad the compliments are flowing in now. It is so much easier to notice changes when you're not with someone everyday. You're finally getting the kudos you deserve! You're welcome for the's a doozy this time. Gotta love the new year and the new commitment it brings to healthy living!!

Bigmid-No problem! 1.6 gain from the holidays isn't bad at all. I wish I could say the same!

tyla-Keep up the good work! It's nice to have the list so we're all reminded what we're shooting for. It was another member's idea 6 months back or so and we've stuck with it because everyone seems to really like it.

As for me, I'm still working on holiday weight. Today was a serious workout day, trying my new ST'ing (2 thumbs up!) and including 30DS and WATP for cardio. I'm sure this will help me replace the fat with muscle. I'm looking forward to finding the weight that's right for me so I can rebuild my wardrobe!! (So shallow, I know! LOL)

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