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Robin, I had a similar couple of weeks here. My downfall is potato chips and dip, oh and these little thin ginger cookies. I started in on that stuff and I simply couldn't stop. Or more accurately, I didn't CARE to stop. That's what scares me--when I see myself heading back to the potato chip bag and I simply don't care, because I'm going to eat them.

And the looking for food--I know exactly what you mean. The needless trip to the kitchen, the standing in front of the open fridge doors, the browsing through the cupboards. I did that, too.

I'm getting things back under control this week and I think the damage will end up being about 3 pounds--not bad, and I earned them all with my mindless eating. But I think this could ultimately be a good thing, because it reminds us that we always need to be vigilant. For me, I think it means that I need to Just Say No to chips. Period. I had been allowing myself a small bag of Baked Lays a couple of times a week, but I think that has just kept my taste for chips alive and then when I got the real ones, I went NUTS. So I am making a rule: No chips. If I don't start, I am fine.

Hang in there, girlie. Re-read the parts of your post that Paperclippy snipped. You've got this down, and you will get back on track. You made lots of good, healthy decisions in amongst the not-so-good decisions. As for me, I am back to tracking my foods because I didn't do that in December, either. So my goals are:

--log foods every day
--log weight every day
--NO chips
--move my body--either the gym or the elliptical


Short-Term Goal

One dancer for each 5 lbs lost!
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