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Come on Spring!
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Good morning and great title this morning! I did some wassail last night and there's not a speck of wintergreen outside this morning as we got more snow.

Debbie, I bet there's lots of stuff on the list that really can wait in favour of friends. Mine is certainly getting pared down.

Cottage, so glad you got the gifts and goodies organized. Please give Christmas hugs to Maggie and "Oderia".

Heidi, how great that your DD finally made it! The west coast of Canada got a big Christmas dump last year and travel was really disrupted. Enjoy your time with Beth.

Cat, I am envious of your days plans. I'd love to be strolling the French quarter, shopping for gumbo ingredients and working in the garden!

The tea party yesterday was just lovely and avoided most of the cookies. Tried for a nap when I got home (a cold or something has finally arrived) but Doug came over and we did the Church bulletin together and he started the woodstove for me. I am perfectly capable of doing that but it's great to have somebody else do it.

Today is the luncheon at the clinic for the day away clients but I may skip it and try to get in to the doc instead. With Christmas and company right afterwards, I want to try to nip this "cold" as fast as I can. I have some flowers to pick up and a few last minute booze purchases and then will do some more party cooking. 'Tis the season!

Hope your day is filled with nice things. I am going to sit with another coffee and admire the Bling Tree before I leap into the day.
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