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Good morning Debbie - love the thread title this morning!

My daughter Beth is here safe and sound, as are the grand cats. Her luggage is somewhere between Houston and here though. Hopefully it will show up today. She had several delays so it was a long day for her and the kitties and we got home later than planned last night, but it's so good to have her here again.
She'll fly back to Houston on Tuesday. The flight leaves at 5 am and we're 2+ hours from the airport so we're thinking of going to Portland on Monday afternoon for some shopping and maybe a movie and staying over so that Beth can get some sleep before facing the trip home. I've got lots to look forward to this week.

Last day of school today, and it's a short one. It's snowing, but warmer so maybe the poor kiddos will finally be allowed outside today. We've had inside recesses for a week now because of cold/wind chill. Bad time of year for that, believe me! lol

I've got tons to do, so I need to log off for now. Hopefully I've have time to check back later today.

Enjoy your Wednesday friends!

ETA: Good morning Cottage! *passes Santa hat* Lots of presents and cookie trays, eh? Sounds like a fun day!

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