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We're OK now but there have been some times in my life ... And old habits die hard!

Yesterday we were in WalMart and little hams were $5 each. I bought 3 and put them in the freezer. I'll slice them later and take then with my salad in my lunch.

Actually, I'm going to back waaay up here and ask for a few more personal details. Are you buying groceries for just you or are you feeding a family? Do you have a freezer? Crockpot?

Of course you can just eat smaller portions of whatever you have! That's the beauty of calorie counting, WW points or just plain old fashioned portion control.

While a lot of us assume that whole, organic and fresh are important, you may just have to do the best you can. A lot of us do. There are perfectly good green beans out there that aren't Weight Watchers brand or Milly Slimly's organic specialty Pork tenderloin isn't near as expensive as I had assumed.

You also have a few weeks to plan and scheme. Read lots. Ask questions (like this one ) Wander through stores where you might not normally buy food. I've found perfectly good tuna in the weirdest places. Do you get sales flyers?

Hang in there. You'll get some good advice here.
... Susan
Eat good food. Move yourself. Lift something.
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