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I think most of us can probably relate to your frustration! I used to work taking orders for a catalog clothing company, and the line we were supposed to give re: sizes was to match yourself to the sizing chart listed in the catalog ... Since I was on the order side, I never got to hear the calls that went to customer service from people complaining when things didn't fit! When they say that a pair of pants is 48, I assume that the waist measurement on the pants is 48 inches ... obviously, that didn't ring true for those jeans you bought.

On the other hand, I suppose I could make one comment in defense of clothing manufacturers ... Our bodies are shaped so differently that it is conceivable if you have two people with a 48 inch waist, one might have slimmer hips and the other have wider hips, and obviously a particularly pair of pants would be loose on the one and tight on the other. A woman who in rather well endowed is going to have to get a larger top that one who has a smaller bust but the same size shoulders and waist. So the cut of a garment has everything to do with it. So in your case with the pants, for instance, if your abdoment is rather large, one pair of pants might fit you whereas another might be cut smaller across the abdomen, and though the waist on the second pair might be the same as the first, you can't get the second one on because it's not as large in the abdomen.

All that said, I certainly have no solution to your problem! If you can't go to a store where you can try things on -- some of these ladies, I remember, used to order several sizes so they could try them on, find what fits, and then return the rest.

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