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I tried Nutrtisystem several times without much success, it was too hard to stick to for me because I was always hungry and the weight loss was so slow I couldn't stay motivated. I have never done the new lifestyle one and I never heard of it until today. I did do Medifast about 3 1/2 years ago and lost 110 pounds in a little over 6 months. I maintained the weight loss until recently when I became pregnant . With how easy it was to lose the weight with Medifast the first time, I am not concerned about losing all my weight again as soon as the baby is born. I whole heartedly recommend this program to anyone who wants to lose weight. As far as keeping it off, the huge key is making sure that you do their transition program properly!!!! If you don't transition you have a good chance of gaining. Good luck !!!
Oh as far as the price, I saved a lot of money when I went on the program, not only is the food cheaper than most crap that I was eating before, but when you use the discounts (ordering through a free health coach is the cheapest way) it comes out to be less than $2 per meal, when you can even eat at the grocery store for that. The support part was really really important to me too, if I didn't have someone to talk to and keep me accounatable I may not have done as well.

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