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Excited about yesterday...had several of really significant victories.

First I went to a playground with my daughter and whereas I usually just sit and watch, today I was able to crawl around with her and move a lot and it felt good, not exhausting.

Second, at around 2pm I knew I really needed to go to the gym and for the first time in a week I really didn't feel like it. I was laying on the couch watching a game with the wife and kiddo asleep and really wanted to just veg out. Instead I got up and went to they gym, and by the time I got there I had woken up and got in a really solid workout.

Thirdly, tonight was a big annual poker tourney for my weekly game with the guys. Knowing there would be a lot of junk food and alcohol, I put a lot of thought into how to handle the evening. I ALWAYS eat at taco bell (favorite cheap food) on my way to poker. Here's my usual order...

2 chili cheese burritos
1 grilled stuffed burrito
1 supreme nachos


Instead I had a protein shake after working out so I would be so starved at dinner time. Then I still went to Taco Bell (just to prove I could lol) and had...

Chicken burrito fresco
fresco taco


Fourthly, while at the game (ran until 3am) I avoided all the snack food and alcohol that was there and stuck with diet soda and about 250 calories worth of sunflower seeds (in shell) I snacked on all night. I actually would have been ok with having a beer or two, but I don't like it enough for the calories, plus it hurts my poker game.

So a ballpark total of old way vs. new way today.

Working out vs. napping - 600 calories saved
New Taco Bell vs. Old Taco bell - 1400 calories saved
Seeds instead of snacks/beer - 500 net calories saved

Total of 2500 calories saved!!

I think that gives me a great example of how fixing the "bad days" can actually be so significant. 2500 calories is an entire day's worth of food and a whole lotta working out.

Main lesson learned is that I need to think/prepare for dangerous food situations before they happen, makes a huge difference.

Managed to stay just under 2k calories and ate at 9am, 11am, 1pm, 4pm, 6:30pm and 9pm.
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