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Originally Posted by Suzyszoo View Post

If you get a chance, join a bellydancing troupe, or take some lessons in a group. There is nothing more wonderful than belly dancing with a group of women. The most gorgeous dancer I've ever seen was a very large woman, many many rolls around her midsection. But when she danced, it was amazing. She could balance a sword on her head and make her body do things I only wish mine could do.

The DVD's I have are from Fat Chance Belly dance. Check them out if you get a chance.
Ooh, I'd love to do a class! Unfortunately the only lessons near me are at the nearby college, which is out of the way us. =( But if I get my own car, I would love to check them out.
And about that woman, that's why I love bellydancing! =3 Anyone can feel great and look beautiful doing it.

I actually think I have a Fat Chance DVD laying around somewhere, although it was more of a sample DVD that came with a book. I'll check out some of their other ones! Thanks! =)
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