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Default Time for a change (story, and ongoing tracker)

Meh, stories probably get pretty old to everyone on here ha, so this is more for me as a way to get a few things written down and a place to keep track of thoughts/challenges/progress. You are welcome to read, flame, comment, whatever

Updated Results - Will keep updating this OP with links to weekly posts
Starting Weight - 260 lbs

Week 1: -9 lbs = 251 lbs "Link to Weekly Post"
Week 2: -6 lbs = 245 lbs "Link to Weekly Post"
Week 3: -5 lbs = 240 lbs "Link to Weekly Post"
Week 4: -3 lbs = 237 lbs "Link to Weekly Post"
"Link to Month 1 Evaluation/Recap"
Week 5: -4 lbs = 233 lbs "Link to Weekly Post"
Week 6: -4 lbs = 229 lbs "Link to Weekly Post"
Week 7: -3 lbs = 226 lbs "Link to Weekly Post"
Week 8: -5 lbs = 221 lbs "Link to Weekly Post"
Week 9: -1 lbs = 220 lbs "Link to Weekly Post"
Week 10: -3 lbs = 217 lbs "Link to Weekly Post"
Week 11: No Weigh-In
Week 12: -5 lbs = 212 lbs "Link to Weekly Post"
Week 13: -2 lbs = 210 lbs "Link to Weekly Post"

"50 Lb Loss Progress Pictures"
Week 14: -2 lbs = 208 lbs "Link to Weekly Post"
Week 15: -2 lbs = 206 lbs "Link to Weekly Post"
Week 16: -4 lbs = 202 lbs "Link to Weekly Post"
Week 17: -0 lbs = 202 lbs "Link to Weekly Post"

Total Loss to Date - 58 lbs

The About Me
30 y/o male, 260, 5-8...married with a toddler and one on the way.

I just turned 30 less than a month ago, that obviously makes you think about some things.

I did a lot of things right in my 20's, have a great family, good job, strong friends, etc. But I look back and realize that I wasted a lot of opportunities as well, probably the biggest area was my health.

My body type (and all guys in my family) is more stocky/muscular, when I was in good shape I was well proportioned but not ever "thin". Totally fine with that, care much more about fitness/proportions than a specific number.

The Why
There were several key triggers to starting the process.

1. Turning 30
2. Every cell in my body felt "dead". This is weird and hard to describe, but I'd do the slightest physical activity and I would just want to crash on the couch.
3. Realizing that playing with my daughter usually involved me moving from the couch to a stable spot on the floor and trying to convince her to run around.
4. Realizing that I will need 5 times the energy I have now in order to wrassle 2 kiddos.
5. Not being able to simply bend down and easily pick up something.
6. Excessive sweating becoming pretty embarrassing in front of clients.
7. Seeing the inevitable pictures of myself
8. Knowing that I have high-blood pressure, and probably have gotten to the point where I am pre-diabetic. I for sure have unbelievable energy swings, and some periods during the day where I "crash" so hard I almost can't get off the couch.

The History
Pretty standard got larger in college in the late 90's, nothing horrible, but just in general got slightly larger and in slightly worse shape for 4 years. Probably went from like 180 to 210 or so over that period.

Starting Out - Early 20's
Nothing really significant any which way, maybe put on a few more pounds. Got married, I was not very active, but wasn't a vegetable by any means. Never really ate healthy. Was really poor so didn't eat out very much which probably slowed down the weight gain.

The Job - Mid 20's
Got a job that required pretty extensive travel (60%-70%). Put on another 20ish pounds up to about 240 total. The primary culprit was by far eating out and being on an expense account. I did a lot of skipping breakfast and having huge/fattening lunches and dinners because they were free (pretty hard to choose a chicken breast and broccoli over an expensive steak, twice baked potatoes, etc. Other main culprit was pretty much just not exercising. Sadly I had plenty of opportunity in hotels (pretty much all have gyms), but after a very long hard day of work when faced with a choice of ordering a meat lovers pizza delivered to my room or going downstairs to work out, I always made the wrong choice.

Attempt 1 - Around 27
At about 240 I made my first attempt to correct things. I had a prolonged period of several months at home with a flexible schedule and decided to take advantage. I tackled both exercise and diet, although much more focus on exercise. I spent 1.5-2 hours a day in the gym right and worked out hard both weights and cardio. I improved my diet significantly, but still struggled with 2 things, cheating way too often (esp weekends/eating out), and portion control even with the fairly healthy meals my wife would cook.

The weight flew off pretty quickly, lost 40 pounds right down to 200 in about 3 months. Felt unbelievable, actually got to the point where I felt like if I didn't go to the gym I had so much excess energy that I had to go do something! Looked great, body transformed a lot since I did a lot of weight training and I was very happy at the 200. 200 is probably still considered too much for my height, but with my stocky build it felt good. My shoulders to waist proportions looked great.

The slow part of the slide- Around 28
200 should have been a great number to motivate me to stick with it, but I started a slow slide back to my old habits. This was triggered by an increase in work/stress, the holidays, and just slowly reverting to old habits. The diet slipped first, I was working out so much that I could go eat worse and not gain so that's exactly what I started doing. One Taco Bell trip a week became 3. Skipping dessert became a thing of the past, etc. The the exercise started to slip and I stopped looking at the scale as it slowly crept back up to 210, 220, etc.

The fast part of the slide- Around 28-29
Then my wife became pregnant, and I gained almost as fast as she did. At first it was pure portion control when she was had lot of sickness. She'd make dinner and not be able to eat hardly any of it. So if she made a dinner that was say 4 portions, I found myself eating 3.5 of them myself in that one sitting. Then the junk fast food really increased in regularity and content and eating on the road became really bad again. Exercise basically ceased, I could blame it on all the increased activity with the pregnancy/having a newborn in the house, but it was really just laziness.


Let's solve this thing!

The Factors in my favor
1. My wife will be supportive, and she's the cook and can cook good balanced, pretty healthy dinners.

2. My job has a ton of flexibility, the best part is that I can usually go to the gym at the peak of my energy which is in the 10:30AM range. When traveling I always have access to a gym in my hotel.

3. I'm decently educated on weight loss, and understand the simplicity of losing weight through a reasonable calorie deficit and exercise. No shortcuts or anything fancy.

4. I'm still a relatively young guy and think I will be able to lose weight pretty rapidly (2-4 lbs a week) if I change diet and exercise simultaneously, this will be a good motivator.

5. I am injury free and can go to the gym for good solid workouts.

6. I have the means to have a gym membership and buy decent food.

Factors working against me
1. Eating out while on the road - this is my huge nemesis!!!

2. My job has a lot of weeks where one week is a very calm 20-30 hours and the next is a hugely busy stressful 50-70 hours. Those crazy weeks it is so hard to exercise and eat right, and taking a full week off is obviously horrible for weight loss, but makes it easy to not resume when things calm down.

3. My wife is pregnant again, and it is definitely harder to eat right with a pregnant wife in the house

4. Anything else I would list is an excuse, so I'll leave it there and am glad this list is pretty short.

The Goal

Unlike many folks on here, I don't have a lbs # target

My priorities in order for weight loss are to
A) Drastically increase energy level
Measurable: Eat in a way that I do not have any crashes, where I wake up ready to tackle the day, and have a consistent alertness/energy throughout the day.
Measurable: Be able to go to the park with my toddler and run (as in actually move around) with her, pick her up, roll around, etc without getting tired.

B) Drastically increase my fitness level
Measurable: Run 5k without stopping.
Measurable: Be able to play a basketball or volleyball game and feel "workout tired" at the end not "I'm going to die tired" after 5 minutes

C) Get my body in proportion of muscles to gut
Measurable: Be able to see defined upper body muscles and have visible abs. Do not need to get "ripped". Upper body being broader than waist/gut.

D) Fit into normal person clothes
Measurable: Fit into 32 inch waist pants comfortably.
Measurable: Fit into medium shirts comfortably. If I don't, it should be because my upper body makes the shirt tight, not my gut

For those things I think being in the 190's would be about perfect for me. Maybe I'll get there and want to lose more, but I think the 190's is essentially my "target".

The Action Plan
So how am I going to do it. Here's the changes I've targeted, knowing my personality and what is more vs. less likely to work.

1. Do official (i.e. at the gym or a run) every business day, and every available Saturday. Workout will typically be 5-10 minute warm up on treadmill, 10 minutes of stretching, 20-30 minutes weights, then 30-45 minutes cardio. The only struggle here is getting to they gym, once I'm there I'm fine.

2. Don't get too caught up in complex approach to weights. Focus A) On doing different things different days (esp mixing up free weights with machine) and B) Not working out so hard that I feel super sore. This is not ideal for muscle development, but this one is more about motivation to get to the gym every day.

3. Vary the cardio method and intensity every day. Alternate between long steady cardio on some days (vary machines/running) with high/low intensity other days (mixing up sprinting/fast walk)

4. Never go out to eat when traveling without going to the gym (for any length of time). This will not only help with fitness but hopefully drastically help my traveling eating problem.

5. Add several of "mini-workouts" throughout the day primarily when at home. Try to have at least 4-6 times thought the day where I do something to get my heart rate up and get blood flowing. Do some jumping jacks, chase my daughter, go for a family walk, etc.

6. Incorporate physical activity into playing with my 30 lb toddler. Our current favorite is "kiddo-squats". I hold her out parallel in front of me, lift her up high, lower her back to level, then do a squat (and repeat). Leg lifts with her hanging on. Chasing her laps around the house and doing high-knee kicks at the same time. She LOVES this kind of stuff so it's a great double checkmark!


1. Start by putting primary emphasis simply on total # of calories, and don't get too focused on getting too fancy here. Limit calories to 1800-2000 daily, never go below 1500, and try to go 2400-2600 (healthy calories) once a week so my body doesn't get too "stuck".

2. Really really focus on portion control. Get one serving of dinner and put the rest away as leftovers before eating. For now, any foods that would be easy to binge on, spend the extra money and purchase in portion controlled sizes.

3. Use TheDailyPlate to track. Focus doubly on tracking days I don't do well just so it is there in front of me.

4. Don't try to over change the diet at this point. While not true in many areas of life, in dieting, it is better to be 70% of perfect than not do anything at all. For me one area of struggle is sodium. Many of my favorite high protein/low calorie lunch foods (since I don't cook) are things like turkey chili, fat free hot dogs, healthy choice soups. Seems that anything I like that is low fat/calories outside of veggies is high sodium. I'll tackle that one later.

5. Completely eliminate desserts. This is pretty easy for me, I don't ever crave sweets, but horribly binge on them if I start. This is one of the easier steps, I rarely eat desserts currently.

6. Focus on low fat/calories and greatly reduced processed carbs that are by themselves. By that I mean I will for now not do bread by itself, chips by themselves etc. But I'm not going to totally avoid say a healthy choice chicken noodle soup.

7. At home eat 6 times a day with no individual feeding >500 cals. This is pretty easy at home and really really helps me feel better all day. This will unfortunately be next to impossible on the road. Will have to focus on making my 3 meals healthy.

8. When traveling always bring several meal bars that can be eaten if needed. Never order pizza or chinese delivery. Always order a salad starter and not soup to try to fill up some. Entrees should be a meat and sides, not a pasta/burger/etc. Don't stress about the meat, but always choose a veggie over a starch side. This isn't perfect, but is I think doable and a massive improvement.

9. Supplements - be consistent about a multi-vitamin, fish oil, and green tea for some caffeine. Occasional protein shake as one of the meals after working out.

10. Always eat breakfast. I HATE breakfast, even to the point where I won't go get a fantastic cooked to order breakfast when traveling. I can do breakfast shakes, so always have these handy and at least do that.


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