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lauralyn and everyone else who is new too!

MP- that moms sounds horrible. I have always said that people need a license to breed! lol There are kids here at school that I would like to take home, give them a bath and feed them. Their kids are hungry and dirty. I wonder what kind of condition the houses they live in are.

It's been chilly here and we had snow on Saturday. It was beautiful, the kind that just clings to all the trees. It cleared up fast and is pretty much all gone today. The roads didn't get bad either which made it really nice.

Tonight we are going to the Christmas dinner show at Dixie Stampede. Lots of food! I know I won't do good tonight but it's one of those things you don't do everyday. I tried to keep it light for lunch and I only had a banana at breakfast.

I am not doing so great on exercise. I am lazy and that's the whole of it!!! lol I have a ton of excuses but when it comes right now to it they are all excuses, right?

Ya'll have a great day.

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