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Morning Chicks and Happy Saturday!

One full week of my 7mo baby sleeping mostly through the night (only up once to eat and right back down!) I have been using some suggestions in a book called "Good Night Sleep Tight" by Kim West. Previously we were up every 2-3 hours...I was delirious...hadn't had a good nights sleep since before he was born.

But I feel pretty darn rested today! No need to take on the world or anything, but hey, sleep is sleep!

I was happy to see a "light prep" directions on the Kraft Mac&Cheese box. Yes, my kids love the mac and cheese...but for the family size it suggests a WHOLE STICK OF BUTTER! The light prep suggests half that and skim milk - cuts the calories for 1c. down from 410 to 230!

What's everyone else doing today?

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