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I hate...[list=1][*]Not being able to comfortably lean over to tie my shoes.[*]That I rub the inside of my thighs raw when I walk too much in a skirt/shorts.[*]That all my clothes are just little bit too tight, so I'm never very comfortable unless I wear HUGE stuff.[*]That I HATE going clothes shopping because everything I like either doesn't come in my size, or looks awful on me.[*]That I avoid going to the doctor because I hate being weighed in any "public" setting.[*]That I avoid seeing old friends/family, or going out, because I'm embarassed by my weight.[/list=1]

I can't wait...[list=1][*]To buy a pair of boots that come up to my knees![*]To wear sleeveless shirts and look good![*]Ok... to wear ANYTHING and look good, lol.[*]To walk into a store and not head for the X-Lg section![*]To have fun when I go out boating with my family, to be able to get UP on the skis/wakeboard/kneeboard/etc. and not be constantly trying to cover myself up in a bathing suit![*]To wake up feeling good, healthy and strong - and know that I'll continue that way all day!![/list=1]

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