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Mango - holy crap girl. While I hope you get to go, I hope you remain safe. Winter in Alaska...ew...I thought winter in Nebraska was bad. I don't blame you for wanting to junk out. Maybe get something and walk around the airport eating it to burn the cals? I'm not much help.

I am so glad it's Friday. I'm about ready to dump one of my DC kids. His mom is NOT working with him. He's 7mo old and doesn't nap. She nurses him to sleep at night and sleeps with him. He's just tired out of his mind. She is "to busy" to feed him solids so he's freaking starving. If you wanna stay home with your kid, then do what you want. But when you take them to daycare, it helps if all kids are eating and napping....helps the provider not to go INSANE. The kid comes dirty and half naked in the bitter cold and most of the time doesn't have an extra outfit for when he explodes his diaper in his clothes. Sorry. I love this little guy, but his Mom is a FLAKE.

I'm debating whether or not to go grocery shopping tonight. I SO don't wan to fight football traffic to go tomorrow, but I'm wiped out and just want these extra kids to go home so I can chill with my four.

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