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I want to wear all the cute little bras from when I was a 34B and tuck in my shirts and use a belt without feeling like I am being tortured!

I want to have that oval face I used to have, not this round one. I saw an old photo the other day and I was amazed - I used to have an oval face! Where'd it go? (Oh, wait, I know - don't tell me...)

I want a waist size in the 20's again.

I want to relax when someone whips out a camera or a camcorder (boy I hate that when someone takes one out nowadays!). I want to not cringe when I see myself in a store camera (yuck!).

I want to fit into my wedding dress again - even though it has huge awful puffed sleeves, I just want to do it.

I want to weigh less than DH, and be able to sit on his lap without worrying that I am going to give him a hernia. I would like to be thin enough for him to offer (he hasn't in about 15 years!)

I want a flat stomach - I mean, FLAT! And no rolls sticking out at the sides that show when I put on a non-baggy T shirt.

And a chiselled jawline, so I can wear high turtlenecks or my hair in a ponytail without looking - well, like I look now when I try it in front of the mirror!

"If I am not for myself, then who will be for me? But if I am only for myself, what am I? And if not now -- when?"
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