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Hi everyone. I'm on day 5 of phase 1. I'm doing great and the scale is moving down! I've been making soup and having that for lunch with a small salad. I'm making a broccoli/cheddar soup today. I've been reading a few different reciepes and will be experimenting later today. I love to read receipes to get ideas, but rarely follow any

Beachgal -- I did great on phase 1 then never moved onto phase 2 -- just stopped. Not sure why, but I'm not doing that this time. What I find is that I need to stop by here a few times a week to keep me accountable. I did WW for years and did best when I posted ot that support group.

One other thing I did make from the new book is the granola recipe. It came out fabulous. I've been draining ff/plain yogurt in a strainer to get it thick, mixing in some riccotta, splenda and vanilla then top with some of that. Its yummy. If you haven't tried it, I do reccomend you do.

Have a great day everyone!

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