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Default December!

Still in Phase I, looking forward to Phase II someday............

I have lost another couple of pounds since Thanksgiving. I am down to 186.4.

When I hit 185, I will be down 25 pounds since October 14, 2009.

I will never forget Oct. 14, my first day on IP, because I went to a big fair that day! Have you ever heard of fried twinkies? No? Fried avocadoes? How about roasted corn on the cob? LOL.

I made it through that gauntlet day by eating a chicken and veggie shish-ka-bob and then a shrimp cocktail, lots of water and iced tea. The rest of the program has been soooo easy in comparison (well, ahem, except for Thanksgiving Day.)

I weigh myself every day.

Wt. gain does not send me on an eating just helps me get back on track. Usually, I go and drink a big glass of water whenever I notice a wt. gain. (start flushing.)

Since, I am rambling, here's a few more thoughts:

I have heard of carb. cycling. Aka the "Wendy Plan" over at Weight Watchers, also known as "eating whatever you want on Sunday" in the Body for Life program. Aka as "eating all your carbs within one hour" of each day at some other program.

I have heard and tried all the tricks. They didn't work for me simply because I am a Carboholic. I can't eat "comfort carbs." and then stop.

I want the whole bowl of mashed potatoes, I want the whole pumpkin pie, I want 2 corn on the cobs.........get it? It just doesn't work for me.

IP is a low calorie plan. I am hungry some of the time during the day. I could easily eat a big bowl/plate of carbs to satisfy that hunger. But I won't.

I drink water and eat a package of IP. No, it is not the greatest tasting food in the world. But it is a substitute/crutch/friend/treatment/ whatever you want to call it to make it through the day. And then I have a great meal either for lunch or dinner.

Yesterday I had roasted chicken breast, cucumber and cabbage salad with olive oil, cilantro, chili and lime dressing.

The day before I had sliced Tri-tip over lettuce salad.

I am making the best of this program.

Because this is the last program for me. I have had such great (and fast) results and I am not going back to being over 200 pounds ever again.

I feel great. My clothes are sooo loose. My daughter told me I need to get new clothes. But I am NOT going to spend money on size 14 clothes because
size 12 is just around the corner!

Northern California
started IP 10/14/09
maintained 1/1/10 to 3/29/10
back on IP Phase I on 3/29/10
started 20 pounds by June 1st challenge on 4/1/10

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