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B-12 and D deficiencies can cause you to be very sick-- that is how "unimportant" they are. (irony) People who live at certain latitudes (40 degrees north and up) can be D deficient in a few years. Basically if you are deficient, you have probably been "getting" defficient for many years. D is a fat soulable based vitamin and is stored for many years, so if you are deficient, you have not been getting it for many years. Overweight can cause vitamines to be absorbed poorly, as it is a "fat soluable" vitamin, it is stored in fat. Additional fat keeps things that need fat as a "highway" from getting where they belong. The stuff you take that is good for you is just sitting there, in the adipose tissue not going anywhere. B-12 deficiency causes de-myalization of nerves and is a terrible way to go. It is not "trivial." One of the symtoms of B vitamin deficiency is "hair falling out." B is water souluable and that means you need to take it every day either in green vegetables or in suppliments. My hair was falling out for a time, and I got B-12, and B-6 suppliments and started to take them every day. It took a while but my hair stopped falling out. I was also putting unnatural chemicals on my hair (dye, perm) and stopped that all together, prefering the natural look now. My hair is strong and thick now, but still does not grow very long.

Doctors generally don't deal with vitamins and nutrition. They are there to perscribe drugs and fix bones and stuff with leaks. You should see a nutritionalist.
At you can find a partial list of what may go wrong if you do not take enough vitamins.

Hope this helps.
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