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Hmm...since those folks were being filmed for a TV show, and since they had personal assistance from Michael Thurmond himself (along with plastic surgery and other stuff) I'm not surprised they did well...they were highly motivated - something to keep in mind. Also, I suspect that there might have been other folks who participated who were not as successful as the ones on the TV show (note that I did not actually watch the show - I'm just hazarding a guess here).

From what I've read on other boards about the Michael Thurmond 6 Week Body Makeover, it is VERY difficult to stay on since the foods are very limited...and the portions sound very small - I've read of people having meals consisting of a mere 2 oz. of chicken breast and some veggies.

I don't recommend the Thurmond system, but if you *MUST* order it, go to eBay and buy a used one cheap. There's usually a slew of them for sale there...

Better yet - if you want some FREE info, go to Krista's website at - VERY informative and you don't have to shell out a lotta bucks...

(I'd also recommend reading "Body for Life" by Bill Phillips since it appears to me that Thurmond took a great deal of ideas from that book - except he greatly reduced the portion sizes and doesn't appear to emphasize weight training as much as BFL does. Believe me, weight training along with clean eating is the TRUE key to losing bodyfat...whether you use BFL or work out your own program - see Krista's website for more info on that).

Good Luck!
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